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We believe that entrepreneur led businesses are a cornerstone of our country's success. Our focus is investing in businesses that have demonstrated an ability to generate strong free cash flow and potential for growth either organically or through consolidation. Typically, we target businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Free cash flow greater than $1 million

  • History of successful business operation

  • Low capital intensity

  • Strong, experienced management teams committed to the business

  • Strong macro economic outlook, non-cyclical

  • Products or services with low disruption risk

*We require a majority equity position in the businesses we invest in. However, we also empower management to run day-to-day operations.


Evercreek works with owners that are planning for their eventual retirement. We recognize that selling a business can be one of the hardest career life decisions an owner can make. That is why we pride ourselves on succession planning alternatives including full buyouts, partial buyouts and management buyouts.


Our goal is to ensure that an owner’s legacy is preserved while allowing for continued organizational success. 

Stoney River
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